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‘Shadowtime in the eromanga Sea’ in Meanjin, 78, No 1, Autumn (2019)

'portrait' in the Long Paddock, Southerly journal, 76.3 Persian Passages (2017)

'On the Road to the Isles' in Rabbit: A Journal of Nonfiction Poetry, 20 Dance (2017)


'The Cell of my Art as an Amoeba' in Axon: Creative Explorations, Vol 7, No 1, April (2017) 

The Cell of My Art as an Amoeba is a philosopoietic essay. Theory is manoeuvred with poesies, as creative thinking and experimentation is informed by theory. Rainer Maria Rilke’s concept, the cell of my art, invites philosopoiesis, and the outcome, here, is a mouth poetics. The cell of my art is an imagining with mouths. The cell of my art is becoming-mind as mouth, and mouth as amoeba [...]


'On a long walk away from away and waking with the sun' in The Philip Bacon Ekphrasis Prize: QPF 2016, Verity La (2016)


'Evernight' in Aesthetica Creative Writing Annual 2017 (2016)

The City’s inhabitants can be remade in a foot-step, can end in the light of a lamp—in the swipe of a match. Whole lives have crumbled with gypsum, and risen from the ruins of a single cigarette [...]


'Harlequin Blue; Or, A place like Paris and a new brain map' in TEXT Special Issue 30 Creative Writing as Research IV (2015)

[...] We drift into the velvety mould behind the eye, the warm fuzz behind the eye, and go further into its humming black, further and further into the starry-split between skin and No-place [...]

Paris-Brain Map for Harlequin Blue


'A Love Poem for Heisenberg' in Island/Islet, December 2009; and in 'World Science Festival 2017 live blog: Day Four'Brisbane Times.

// This poem was performed at the World Science Festival Brisbane 2017 //


'The Plot' in Spineless Wonders' anthology Out of Place (2014) with accompanying video artwork produced by Flashing the Square Project (2015)

From the Flashing the Square 2015 project, Out of Place, produced in collaboration with Spineless Wonders, Sydney Conservatorium of Music and the many fantastic writers, musicians and voice actors who have contributed to the project.